How often should I get my dog groomed?

This will depend on what kind of dog you have, not just their breed, but also their lifestyle.

In our experience we have found that dogs that have their coats clipped should come into the studio every 6-8 weeks for restyling. We recommend that this be alternated with a maintenance bath every 3-4 weeks.

Dogs that are double coated will drop their coats at different times but coming in every 3 months will help shift and coat build-up and help them prepare for the next season.

Some dogs are big shedders or love getting dirty so a visit to the groomers every 3-4 weeks will make looking after your dog at home much easier!

Once your dog comes to the studio we will be able to get to know him or her and create a schedule that works for you both!

Do I stay with my dog or do I leave him/her with you?

Due to the fact that our studio is based at home, we are unable to allow anyone to stay with their pet during their grooming session.

However, we treat every dog as if they were our own so you can be guaranteed they will be in safe, kind and competent hands and will be treated  with the utmost care.

We will take your contact details and call or text you as soon as your dog is ready so that you spend as little time apart as possible!

Ridgeway Studios are conveniently located within easy walking distance of Crawley town centre. We can offer free street parking immediately outside so you are welcome to leave your car and visit the shops, safe in the knowledge that your dog is enjoying a wonderful grooming session!



At what age can I bring my puppy to you?

We can welcome your puppy for grooming one week after they have had their vaccinations and are able to go out for their walks. This is usually from 12 weeks of age.

Experience tells us that it is always better to bring your puppy as soon as possible as they go through their 'no fear' stage whilst growing up.  This usually lasts until they are 20 weeks old.

We offer a complete 'Puppy Familiarisation' service during which we will introduce him or her to the sights, sounds and smells of the studio. Please refer to the 'Services' page for further information.

My dog is in season/just been neutered, can they still be groomed?

Yes. Bitches in season can still be groomed as long as they feel comfortable and you have informed us prior to arriving so that we can keep intact males away from the studio.

The reason not to groom while a dog still has stitches is the sutures make it much easier for bacteria to enter the body. Having an infection, even minor around a suture would hinder healing of the incision.

Neutered dogs generally have to wait until 10 days post-op (when sutures are removed - unless dissolvable), to allow the wound to close and any tenderness to reduce.